Company History

Vincent DiSpigno and David Salav joined together in 1994 to form PWR Systems, a systems integration company. In a 7 year period the duo grew a company from just under 1 million dollars in revenue in 1994 to a run rate of nearly 20 million dollars in 2000. In March of 2000 PWR Systems was sold to Vizacom, a publicly held company, where they served on the board of directors. Mr. DiSpigno served as Chairman and CEO and Mr. Salav served as CIO.

As a private company PWR Systems under their leadership, the company was recognized as a three-time winner of the KPMG/Hofstra University Long Island's "Top 25 Fastest-Growing Privately Held Companies". They also received awards as an Inc. 500 Company, a two-time winner as a Smart Partner Top 50 Company, and as Deloitte & Touche's Fast 50 as the third fastest-growing technology company on Long Island and national Fast 500 Company.

Mr. DiSpigno has held various positions at BusinessLand, Arrow Electronics, and Exxon Office Systems. He has served on the advisory board of Smart Partner magazine, and currently Serves on the advisory board VarBusiness Magazine.

Mr. Salav has been awarded Long Island's "40 under 40" award for young up and coming entrepreneurs, and previously served on the advisory boards of VarBusiness and SmartPartner magazines, for which he also wrote numerous articles on digital technologies.

Both Mr. DiSpigno and Mr. Salav contributed to "The Backup Book" by Dorian Cougies and, in addition to being quoted, the book was dedicated to them.


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