Disk Image Hosting

Digital Image Archiving

Secure digital image archiving for safe off-site storage of your server / workstation / digital assets.

The process of copying an entire image of a computer disk drive to another blank disk drive is called disk cloning. When cloning a disk, data files, as well as operating system, application, system state and active directory files, are copied directly to the new drive.

Disk cloning allows a computer user to simply boot the new computer and resume use, as if they were using the original machine. As a data backup and recovery tool, disk cloning has received attention as a great way to preserve entire computing environments instead of only the data and files preserved by data backup and remote backup utilities.


For the average computer, or even an average small-to-medium sized business, anything more than periodic disk cloning might be considered overkill for backup purposes. Once these businesses have a good backup copy of OS files and applications, which are usually readily available in the form of OEM or recovery disks, it is only the data and files that change on a regular basis that need to be backed up to insure their accuracy and value upon restore.

Another common use for disk cloning is to use it as a process to migrate data from one computer to another. Instead of creating multiple backups of data and files to be manually installed on a new computer, a simple disk cloning process can allow a user to migrate to a new, perhaps faster, computer while minimizing hassle, downtime and manual processes.

  • Server or Workstation image storage
  • Digital asset cold-storage
  • Safeguard valuable digital assets off-site
  • Easy streamlined retrieval and update of data
  • Prices starting at just $99.00 per month