Backup to the Future

A Cost Effective Managed Off-site Remote Backup Service Starting at $99.00* per Month for one device and 15 GB of data

Once Backup to the Future is deployed in your company, your invaluable data is protected against virus, theft, environmental impact, hardware failure, and accidental deletion, etc. While the cost of investing in Backup to the Future is limited, the value of critical business data it protects and the potential benefits you can derive from it are enormous. Backup to the Future is a highly useful product on which you can rely to safeguard your business interests and put your mind at ease at the maximum comfort level.


  • Highest Level Security, Data Transfer and Data Storage
  • Multiple Datacenters that are geographically dispersed
  • Able to provide overnight copies of your data on an external drive
  • On-site seeding of initial data copy
  • Ability to restore data to any computer
  • Daily status reports of your Backup
  • Assistance for a qualified technician is necessary
  • Unlike our competitors, this is not a self-service product – support is just a call away

* Installation and set up $250.00